What We Do

SLIG is currently aiming to provide opportunities which develop people's health and well being, educational attainment, social and economic skills and capacity. This section shows how this vision is worked out in reality. We hope it gives you insight into what we do and how our vision is worked out, as well as demonstrating how you can get involved.


Advocacy Projects

We are working to create a model of good practice, whilst building up relationships with agencies and organisations which will allow us to best advocate for the people of Lenadoon and Suffolk, as well as advocating on behalf of other interface communities in Northern Ireland. This section contains details of our projects to this aim.


Culture Projects

Our Culture projects reflect a range of activities that combine aspects of the work carried out by the youth, sports and health workers. Although our staff are based in either Lenadoon or Suffolk, in reality they meld together in their involvement in on the ground projects, bringing both sides together in cultural, youth, and educational activities.


Health Projects

SLIG aims to create greater health and well-being awareness across the Suffolk and Lenadoon communities. The impact good health and healthier lifestyles have on individuals cannot be minimised. SLIG is therefore working to create greater cohesion and levels of joint activity across the divide in relation to these issues in partnership with health professionals and others who can maximise the resources on offer to the two communities. SLIG adopts a holistic approach to health and well-being that encompasses all age groups and includes advocating for greater health provision where it is shown to be lacking.


Sports Projects

SLIG has a strategy which involves significant a focus on deepening relationships between sporting clubs across the Suffolk and Lenadoon Communities. These relationships will lead to positive competitions and events taking place on both sides of the interface, involving people from all sections of the community.


Youth Projects

SLIG is commited to reaching and investing in all sections of youth, at all age ranges, within Suffolk and Lenadoon. We aim to develop models of good practice in youth outreach work across Lenadoon and Suffolk communities with a focus on tackling sectarianism and building peace. You can view details of our youth work here.