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International Student Intern

17th December 2013

    Over the summer of 2013 we arranged an internship placement for an Italian post-graduate student here in SLIG. Ilaria spent 8 very enjoyable weeks; here’s what she had to say: After six weeks of stay in west Belfast, everyday going into the SLIG office, living in a auto-defined… Read More »

SLIG Writes New Youth Work Module

3rd May 2013

SLIG, in partnership with Belfast Interface Project (BIP), is leading the way in changing the Youth Work curriculum in Northern Ireland. In 2011, the University of Ulster asked us to design and write a module to be delivered as part of their Community Youth Work certificate. Entitled ‘Community Youth Work… Read More »

Visit SLIG

13th February 2013

SLIG is always delighted to welcome groups from other organisations, schools and Universities for a visit to our project. Groups who visit us are given a history of our local area and SLIG itself, through presentation and lively conversation with SLIG staff and founding Committee Members, and, if the weather… Read More »

Friday Night Diversionary Programme

5th February 2013

Actively coming together in West Belfast   The Housing Executive in partnership with the Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group (SLIG) is funding a programme for 16 young people from the area on an 8 week activity course.   The young people, who are aged between 12 and 15, will have the… Read More »

Interface Life is more than Politics

29th November 2012

If we were to mention ‘cross-community’ to you, what does it bring to mind? Often this phrase is associated with politics, religion, culture, identity – issues which SLIG has put a heavy emphasis on over the years and which we still believe are crucial in creating a peaceful society.  … Read More »

Sectarianism gets the red card at Seaview

23rd August 2012

SLIG has now completed it's third annual Interface Soccer Seven's Tournamant. On Tuesday 14th August, more than 150 girls and boys from interface areas across Belfast came together for a soccer sevens tournament at Seaview Stadium in North Belfast.   The event was organised by SLIG's Neil McKee, and funded… Read More »

Jean and Renee on UTV Live

20th January 2012

On 17th January International Fund for Ireland announced a Peace Walls Programme – directed “towards interface communities to help bring about the conditions that would allow for the removal of peace walls and barriers in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland” (see IFI’s website for the full statement: SLIG welcomes… Read More »

SLIG Youth Council Take Part in Woodbourne Art Project

27th May 2011

Over the course of April and May, 11 young people from Loyalist Suffolk and 11 young people from Republican Lenadoon, came together to channel their creative energies to enhance the  image of the physical environment between the Suffolk shops and Woodbourne police station. The young people, brought together by SLIG’s… Read More »

Political Tours

27th May 2011

A cross community group of young people from Suffolk and Lenadoon completed two very informative political tours at the beginning of February. The tours, organised by SLIG workers Joe and Ciaran, aim to enhance young people's understanding of the various competing perspectives of Irish history in general and ‘The Troubles’ in… Read More »

"It's not about watering down our cultures or identity, but finding a way to accommodate both."

29th March 2011

On 24th March we held an event to celebrate 10 years in the Stewartstown Road Regeneration Project building. Here is Jean Brown's speech on the evening:   "As Paddy has already said we are delighted to be able to welcome you here today to the 10th anniversary of the Stewartstown… Read More »

Cultural Conference, 17th - 18th February 2011

24th February 2011

On 17th - 18th February SLIG took 60 Suffolk and Lenadoon residents on a residential with the Local PSNI Neighbourhood Team. On Friday morning we had a frank and open question and answer session, this is the result:   Q:           Why do we not know who our local community police… Read More »