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External Visits to SLIG

17th December 2013

  We continue to deliver tailored presentations, workshops and walking tours to a range of local, national and international audiences. Learning themes include grassroots peace building approach, promoting shared space, dealing with conflict and division; and economic regeneration. Over the last few months we have hosted groups from Plymouth University,… Read More »

Community Safety Residential

17th December 2013

As part of the Inner East Outer West Programme, 12 residents from Suffolk and Lenadoon  took part in a Community Safety programme, which involved 2 cross-interface residentials (Suffolk and Lenadoon), and one cross-city residential with residents from East Belfast. Residents were taken to hotels outside of their immediate areas to… Read More »

Interface Photography Project

17th December 2013

Ten residents from both Suffolk and Lenadoon took part in a photography programme as part of the Inner East Outer West programme. This took place in SLIG and was facilitated by professional photographer Steven Wilson. Residents took a look at their communities through a lens , photographing both their own… Read More »

Cross Community Visits

17th December 2013

Following completion of the Photography and Community Safety programmes, participants spent a few days visiting each other’s communities. Residents from Short Strand and Inner East visited SLIG and were hosted by local Suffolk and Lenadoon residents. We were able to talk about the history of SLIG and the work we… Read More »

International Student Intern

17th December 2013

    Over the summer of 2013 we arranged an internship placement for an Italian post-graduate student here in SLIG. Ilaria spent 8 very enjoyable weeks; here’s what she had to say: After six weeks of stay in west Belfast, everyday going into the SLIG office, living in a auto-defined… Read More »

Peace Walls Stage 1 Now Underway

17th December 2013

Following extensive community consultation, we are delighted to confirm that Stage 1 of the Peace Walls Programme is now well underway and work will begin on the ground shortly. Stage 1 relates to the Suffolk enttrance of the Stewartstown Road (SRRP) Building. We will be transforming this entrance to make… Read More »

Research Collaboration

17th December 2013

We continue to facilitate research for educational institutions on issues related to the interface. Recently, we recruited 24 young people from both sides of the divide to partake in interviews for a OFMDFM funded study carried out by Queens University Belfast. Read More »

Training Programmes

17th December 2013

SLIG works in partnership with other organisations to offer training to local young people and adults, on two broad sets of issues, and over recent months has delivered the following courses: Contentious Issues Training (political, cultural and religious issues that divide): OCN Level 2 Working with Contentious Cultural Issues In… Read More »

University Youth Work Module

17th December 2013

SLIG, in partnership with Belfast Interface Project and the University of Ulster, have developed an innovative module for community youth work students. The module entitled ‘Community Youth Work in An Interface Context’ forms an integral part of the Ulster University’s level 4 Certificate in Youth work course. This is an… Read More »

Inner East Outer West

3rd May 2013

SLIG have been working closely with Belfast Interface Project and community groups from East Belfast to develop and deliver the Inner East Outer West Programme that focuses on developing relationships on a local interface and also a cross city basis.  This programme is aimed at young people likely to congregate… Read More »

SLIG Writes New Youth Work Module

3rd May 2013

SLIG, in partnership with Belfast Interface Project (BIP), is leading the way in changing the Youth Work curriculum in Northern Ireland. In 2011, the University of Ulster asked us to design and write a module to be delivered as part of their Community Youth Work certificate. Entitled ‘Community Youth Work… Read More »

Vacancy: Peace Walls Programme Officer

18th February 2013

Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group is focused on addressing interface issues which the communities of Suffolk and Lenadoon experience on a daily basis. Supported by the Suffolk and Lenadoon Community Forums, the overall aim of our strategy for peace building is to establish, over time, a shared society defined by a… Read More »

Visit SLIG

13th February 2013

SLIG is always delighted to welcome groups from other organisations, schools and Universities for a visit to our project. Groups who visit us are given a history of our local area and SLIG itself, through presentation and lively conversation with SLIG staff and founding Committee Members, and, if the weather… Read More »

SLIG Hosts Visit from Riverbrook Cross Border Initiative

13th February 2013

On Saturday 9th February, SLIG hosted a visit from Riverbrook Cross Border Initiative. The young people really enjoyed hearing SLIG's story  and found it very interesting. Read More »

Friday Night Diversionary Programme

5th February 2013

Actively coming together in West Belfast   The Housing Executive in partnership with the Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group (SLIG) is funding a programme for 16 young people from the area on an 8 week activity course.   The young people, who are aged between 12 and 15, will have the… Read More »