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Mobile Phone Network

11th September 2008

The mobile phone network came into being during the violent summers of 1996 / 1997. This was linked to the ongoing situation over ‘Drumcree' and the Stewartstown Road was the scene of some of the worst violence our communities have ever experienced. This was before mobile phones were freely accessible… Read More »

Shared Space Phase III

10th September 2008

The Stewartstown Road Regeneration Project Ltd is embarking on a series of regeneration/ building projects on the interface. Phase I was the original building which now houses SLIG, Suffolk Community Forum, Lenadoon Community Forum and Early Years Social Services, as well as a variety of commercial shops. Phase II was… Read More »

Drama Group

1st September 2008

In October and November 2008 SLIG will be running a drama group for primary school-aged children from Suffolk and Lenadoon. The children will come together to write, produce and act in a play about what life is like on interface. The children will discover what the differences and similarities are between us in religion… Read More »

Cook It!

3rd March 2008

Cook it! is a nutrition programme which is beneficial for people who want to enhance their cooking skills, are interested in healthier eating, or who want to prepare meals on a budget. The programme includes healthy eating messages, practical cookery, basic food safety and food hygiene. This is open to… Read More »

Reminiscences Think Tank

19th February 2008

SLIG has committed to producing three booklets over three years, creating a picture of life in the Suffolk and Lenadoon Interface areas. In 2007 we worked with well-known community historian Michael Hall producing a publication on SLIG called ‘Building Bridges At The Grassroots: The Experience of Suffolk-Lenadoon Interface Group, (Island Pamphlets… Read More »

Youth Research

19th February 2008

SLIG is currently undertaking a significant piece of research into the youth provision in Suffolk and Lenadoon. The aim of this research is to: 1. provide SLIG with a holistic view of youth issues within and between both the Suffolk and Lenadoon areas, from a young person's perspective; 2. set… Read More »

5 - Year Strategy

19th February 2008

SLIG has recently finished work on a 5 -year strategy, outlining our goals and vision for the next five years. It can be downloaded below. Read More »

Attitudinal Survey

19th February 2008

In June 2007, SLIG commissioned a research study into community attitudes to the SLIG Peace-building Plan. A quantitative survey was conducted in both Lenadoon and Suffolk, the results of which were to provide a baseline from which SLIG progress could be measured. The aim of the SLIG's Peace-building Plan was… Read More »

Older and Active

19th February 2008

This programe is aimed at older residents in both Suffolk and Lenadoon. Members will be brought together to learn about and engage in a variety of sports, crafts and cultural outings, in a social and fun context. All older members are very welcome, and we particularly encourage individuals not currently involved in… Read More »