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TBUC Summer Camp 2016

24th October 2016

SLIG Summer Camp 2016

40 young people from Suffolk and Lenadoon recently enjoyed a fun-packed and adrenaline- filled summer camp.

Thanks to funding provided by OFMDFM and administered by the Education Authority, the young people aged 8-16 spent a few days in SLIG prior to the camp, examining their own culture and community whilst also learning about their neighbours. They learned about the similarities and differences between themselves and their peers both within their own community and in their neighbouring community.

Community Mapping, Who am I? and other exercises coupled with ice breakers enabled the young people to relax and get to know one another. The pre-camp sessions culminated in a trip to the Odyssey for Ten Pin Bowling to whet the appetite for the fun-filled activities ahead.

In mid-August the 46 strong party of young people and leaders converged on the idyllic setting of Todd’s Leap which is sandwiched in the valley of the Tyrone countryside. The young people spent three days enjoying adrenaline-filled activities including the Giant Swing, Last man standing, Hill Rally, Zip Line and even got to experience driving off-road themselves. At night the group relaxed watching movies in the cinema room, over-indulging in sweets and strengthening friendships new and old.

Young people conversing and mingling naturally is so much more powerful than any good relations workshop we could facilitate. It is refreshing to see them seamlessly build relationships without fear of reprisal or unnecessary baggage. These young people are naturally achieving Local Government’s aim of "Together: Building a United Community" not driven by a political ideology but by flourishing naturally on a platform that allows them to get to know peers otherwise segregated from them.

Post-camp activities including Go-Karting are imminent and the young people will be recognised and rewarded for their efforts at a celebration event to complete the project which in many ways is just the start of a journey for another generation.

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