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Placement Students talk about their experience at SLIG.

24th October 2016

Joshua McCrum and Michaela Spyrou have been on work experience with us at SLIG. Here is what they made of their experience at SLIG.

“My name is Joshua McCrum. I have been working here for a week and it has been a great experience for me. I have learned a lot about the interface between Suffolk and Lenadoon and why the peace walls are up and why SLIG is here for the two communities. I have learned more about both communities and why they are important in our lives. I have took a lot out of the work experience and hope that our communities can get on well together with each other (sic). SLIG set up activities for young people to go out and make new friends which is a great opportunity for young people. I think this is a great way for communities to get on with each other. Our backgrounds don’t matter. We are all human and we should all get on together with each other and I hope that changes in the future.”

“My name is Michaela Spyrou, I’ve been on work placement since the first Thursday and Friday of September and I will be finishing at the end of December. For me this experience has been amazing. Not only do I go to Suffolk and Lenadoon Interface Group for a cross community club to meet new people, I pick Suffolk and Lenadoon interface group for a reason. My reason is because I want young people and older people to realise that their religion doesn’t really matter and meeting new people with different backgrounds is actually more interesting than they think. For the past few weeks I have learned a lot more than I thought I would have working here. I have experienced different programmes including the peace walls programme and that there is different organisations working in a shared space building together to support the communities more. There’s so much responsibilities such as booking venues, calling different places and ensuring all young people’s parents are aware of times and dates for the projects their young people are involved in. To work somewhere like here you would have to be very confident, talkative and very good with people.

We would like to thank Neil McKee and Suzanne Lavery for taking us on placement and helping us realise the work that is put in on a day to day basis to run a community organisation and it’s completely different to school. It’s been a pleasure working with Neil and Suzanne and we hope SLIG goes well in the upcoming years.”

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