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Decade of Centenaries Programme 2016

24th October 2016

We have received funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs which allows us to run an 8 week Decade of Centenaries Programme. This project is a series of facilitated workshops hosted by Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group and facilitated by Dr Eamon Phoenix, Dr Johnston McMaster, Mr Philip Orr and Mr Jim McDermott. These workshops will be held in the SRRP Building, 124 Stewartstown Road (door beside The Coffee House Bistro, First Floor), Monday evenings at 7pm to 9pm. Refreshments will be provided (see dates below):

Workshops -

7th November 2016 - Talk 1: ‘The Guns of August: the Great War: Causes, Course and the Tangled Peace 1914-20’. Speaker: Mr Jim McDermott

14th November 2016 - Talk 2: ‘West Belfast: The Connaught Rangers and the Great War’.

Speaker: Mr Jim McDermott

21st November 2016 - Talk 3: ‘'Carson’, the UVF and the Battle of the Somme and 'Redmond', The National Volunteers and The Great War’. Speakers: Dr Eamon Phoenix and Mr Philip Orr

28th November 2016 - Talk 4: ‘The North began the New Nationalism: The UVF and the Road to the Easter Rising’. Speakers: Dr Johnston McMaster and Dr Eamon Phoenix

5th December 2016 - Talk 5: ‘The Great War and Partition, Black Friday and The Partition Scheme’ Speakers: Mr Jim McDermott and Dr Eamon Phoenix

12th December 2016 - Talk 6: ‘Changed Utterly: Ireland after the Rising and the Great War’

Speakers: Dr Eamon Phoenix and Mr Jim McDermott


We are hosting a 6th Connaught Rangers Exhibition in SRRP during the Week Beginning 7th November 2016 from 9am to 9pm - Monday through to Thursday.

Dublin Trip -

On Saturday 12th November 2016 at 8am to 8pm there will be a trip to Dublin to include visits to various historical sites. Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Places are limited so you will need to email or ring to book your place.

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Phone Suzanne or Neil on (028) 90629146

For more information, simply contact:

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