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Peace Walls Programme Update

8th May 2014

Stewartstown Road Regeneration Project site update

After months of community consultation, we are delighted that capital work has finally begun! The Suffolk entrance to the Stewartstown Road (SRRP) building is first, with work underway to make the entrance more accessible and welcoming, including disabled access for the first time. At the request of residents living at the back of SRRP, we have also installed new lighting along the pathway leading up to the entrance, to make it safer at night and discourage anti-social behaviour in the area.

Peace Walls Site 1 Palisade Fencing

Once this is complete work will commence at Stewartstown Road/Ringford Crescent interface, where we will be removing the old palisade fencing and replacing with more attractive fencing. We are also adding in some landscaping to create more open space, and provide a safer, more attractive frontage at the falts, and again reduce opportunities for anti-social behaviour.

Peace Walls Site 1 Street Lights

Peace Walls Site 1 Garden Fence

We expect this work to be complete before the end of May.

The Peace Walls Programme is proudly funded by International Fund for Ireland.

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