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Training Programmes

17th December 2013

SLIG works in partnership with other organisations to offer training to local young people and adults, on two broad sets of issues, and over recent months has delivered the following courses:

Contentious Issues Training (political, cultural and religious issues that divide):

In partnership with Tides Training and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, a cross community group of adults is currently participating in the above programme. The course explores issues such as the following; the meaning of culture and tradition, culture and traditions as part of identity, methods of cultural expression, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination, and cultural differences.

12 local people have recently completed a very successful OCN Level II Transition from Conflict course. This thought-provoking course explored and debated various issues such as; reconciliation, truth telling, victims, perpetrators, justice etc. A big thank you to WAVE Trauma centre for their role in helping to facilitate the course

Non-contentious Training (the personal, social and economic issues both interface communities have in common):

Adults from both sides of the interface attended a graduation ceremony in Jordanstown on 1st of October to mark their successful completion of the Ulster University course ‘Keeping young people safe online.’ 24 people in total participated in the course (Photo Attached)

As part of SLIG’s commitment to developing community capacity while fostering cross community relationships, we are offering another free accredited course OCN NI Level 2 'Handling Life's Conflicts.' The course is due to begin at the end of September and will run on a week day evening. The aim of the course is;to develop a culture of non-violence; explore alternative ways of dealing with relationships, difference and conflict; and to contribute to peace and reconciliation activities within areas of sectarian conflict

OCN Level 2 Introduction to Youth Work

13 young adults from across the political divide completed an OCN level II Introduction to Youth Course. The course, facilitated by Youth Link, entailed a mixture of in-house training and practical experience of working with young people. The learners also carried out a piece of research into local young people’s attitudes to interfaces and so-called peace walls. The findings of the research, which included interviews with 34 local young people, will be launched before the end of the year and the distributed to local homes

Community Safety programme

20 adults have just completed a Community Trainers course funded by Belfast City Council. The series of workshops was jointly delivered by Northern Ireland Alternatives and Community Restorative Justice Ireland. The course brought adults from across the political divide and empower participants to become community navigators; helping them mediate in difficult situations, respond effectively to interface tension, signpost young people to specialist services and work in cohesion with the neighbourhood police.