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Soccer Seven's Returns for 2013!

17th December 2013


In August we hosted the Outer West Soccer Sevens heats at Colin Park with teams from Suffolk and Lenadoon battling it out for places in the finals at Seaview. The Under 18s competition was particularly competitive but played in the right manner with everyone enjoying the occasion.

Four teams from each section qualified for the finals at Seaview in September. The weather was kind to us and the teams from Suffolk, Lenadoon, Short Strand and Castlereagh Road put on a great display of entertaining football and displayed good sportsmanship throughout with over 100 young people in attendance.

Soccer 7's Soccer 7's

Every team was awarded a player of the tournament award which was not necessarily just about football ability, each section awarded a fair play award and the winners got an impressive trophy and medals.

Soccer 7's Soccer 7's

All players attended a Good Relations workshop during the event where they explored the similarities and differences between peers on either side of the cultural/political divide.

Soccer 7's

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