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Peace Walls Programme

17th December 2013

The Peace Walls Programme is well underway with work beginning on the first site. We are currently transforming the look of the entrance to the SRRP Building to bring a more positive look to the entrance from Ringford Crescent and Kells Avenue. We are also making adjustments to the corner of Ringford Crescent at the flats beside Sparkles Daycare to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as safe. We hope that these changes are a positive reflection of what can happen throughout the rest of the community through the ‘Peace Walls’ Programme. Small changes make a big difference and can have an impact on various factors to build a brighter community for all who live there.

At the Suffolk entrance of SRRP, after consultation we proposed replacing the palisade fencing with paladin fencing, which is just as safe and secure but looks a lot brighter. We also proposed landscaping to the green area and a more accessible entrance for pedestrians, prams and wheelchairs. At the Ringford Crescent/Stewartstown Road corner, residents had expressed concern about the recess at Sparkles Daycare as a congregation point for youths at night, along with the damaged wall brickwork and bad street lighting. We have responded with plans to block off the recess with landscaping, along with replacing the brick wall with metal fencing. After extensive site-specific consultation, these plans have now been approved by the residents who are affected, and work on them will begin in the next few weeks.

Proposed Image of SRRP:

SRRP Suffolk Entrance

Proposed Image of Flats/ Sparkles Daycare:

Ringford Crescent Interface

There have been a number of issues highlighted through the consultation process that are wider community issues and some site specific issues. These have all been highlighted and discussed with the relevant statutory agency in the hope that with their help these issues will be addressed. The statutory agencies are all working with the programme in every way possible to bring added benefits to the community and we hope that through our relationship with them any issue raised at consultations will be resolved in the near future.

Community consultation around the next few sites will begin over the next few months. We will be in contact with residents living near the next site to give them the opportunity to express their views on what might happen, and give them the opportunity to raise issues or concerns they may have at the early stage of planning. We would like to thank the residents who were involved in the first site plans for being so accommodating and open with their feedback and opinions, all of which were taken into account before final plans were developed. We would like to encourage the residents near the next site to partake in the consultation process and express their views, issues or concerns to ensure a positive change for their community and the site.

If you would like any more information or if you have any questions with regards to the ‘peace walls’ programme you can contact Suzanne Lavery on 028 90 629146 or

As with these changes, SLIG is very keen that no future plans are made without extensive consultation with those affected by them.

We are very grateful to International Fund for Ireland for funding this programme.

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For more information, simply contact:

Suzanne Lavery
Tel: 028 9062 9146