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Interface Photography Project

17th December 2013

Ten residents from both Suffolk and Lenadoon took part in a photography programme as part of the Inner East Outer West programme. This took place in SLIG and was facilitated by professional photographer Steven Wilson. Residents took a look at their communities through a lens , photographing both their own and the ‘other’ community in order to exchange perceptions of what it’s like to live here, focussing on culture, identity and the environment we live in. Participants took photographs of part of their community they felt proud of and presented them to the group, opening up discussions around how we perceive our own and each other’s communities and how this is challenged.

IEOW Photography Project

This programme culminated in a public exhibition of all the participants photography in the Waterfront Hall in October. There are also plans to underway to produce a book of all the photographs from all groups involved from Suffolk, Lenadoon, Short Strand and Inner East.

IEOW Photography Project

Everyone who took part should be really proud of their achievement, and has hopefully discovered a new interest in photography and how it can be used to challenge false conceptions and celebrating the good in our communities.

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