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Inner East Outer West Youth Programme

17th December 2013

As part of the Inner East Outer West Programme with Belfast Interface Project, we deliver a youth programme, which was delivered over two phases to different age groups. Firstly the 12-14 year olds completed five single identity sessions and attended a cross interface activity day at Escarmouche Paintball in Shane’s Castle. The single identity sessions gave the participants a better understanding of their own culture and the culture of their neighbours. It promoted tolerance and respect which the young people carried on throughout the programme as they developed friendships across the divide.

The cross interface residential in Todds Leap cemented those friendships as the young people shared an adrenaline filled experience at the popular County Tyrone outdoor pursuits centre.

By the time the cross city residential took place, the outer west young people had bonded so well that they spent most of the weekend together as did the Inner East young people. There was no animosity between the groups – rather a confirmation that bringing people together to share experiences and get to know one another can break down barriers and create lasting friendships.

The older group aged 16-19 followed a similar format with mixed success as participants came and went from the programme due to work commitments.

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