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Community Safety Residential

17th December 2013

As part of the Inner East Outer West Programme, 12 residents from Suffolk and Lenadoon took part in a Community Safety programme, which involved 2 cross-interface residentials (Suffolk and Lenadoon), and one cross-city residential with residents from East Belfast. Residents were taken to hotels outside of their immediate areas to enable them to focus on the discussions at hand and spend time in each other’s company. During the three events, the residents took part in discussions around community safety issues they face within in their communities, including what they share in common and what is different. These discussions raised various issues and encouraged participants to consider how we can move forward to encourage more participation throughout both communities. The residents involved were also able to get to know each other better and socialise with one another, this was a really important part of the residential as people became friends with others they had never met before even though they live in the same part of the city.

Local Residents on the Community Safety Programme

"It's the first time I've ever actually sat and talked to a Catholic, and I've had fun!" quote from a Suffolk participant on the programme.

"I came here yesterday and knew some people and didn't know others, but now I feel like I've known everyone my whole life. I wish we could get everyone from Suffolk and everyone from Lenadoon and put them here together" – Lenadoon resident reflects on the first cross-community residential.

The cross city residential took place at The Londonderry Arms Hotel in Ballycastle and was attended by residents from Suffolk, Lenadoon, Short Strand and Inner East. The discussions here were focused around issues faced by residents in West and East and how the areas have similarities on a cross interface and cross city level. There was good learning came from these residentials and residents got to know people from different parts of the city who share similar issues with them. Both phases of the programme were well participated by residents and the four areas have been able to identify a positive approach to keeping the relationships that have been established through the programme going through working with each other and continuing to meet one another throughout the year.

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