Friday Night Diversionary Programme

5th February 2013

Actively coming together in West Belfast

The Housing Executive in partnership with the Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group (SLIG) is funding a programme for 16 young people from the area on an 8 week activity course.

The young people, who are aged between 12 and 15, will have the opportunity to take part in a range of challenging and diverse tasks that will build personal and team skills. The activities, which will take place in the Belfast Activity Centre, will include dry caving, orienteering, archery, mountain bike skills, climbing (climbing tower/vertical challenge/leap of faith), canoeing, team games and Good Relations Workshops.

Jennifer Hawthorn, from the Housing Executive’s Community Cohesion Unit, said:

“We are extremely happy to support this programme, it is a fantastic opportunity to encourage young people away from anti social activities and promote cross community relations between children from different backgrounds. The activities that these young people will be taking part in are really fantastic and I hope that they quite literally jump in with both feet.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Neil McKee and Ciaran McLaughlin from the Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group who have been instrumental in organising the programme and encouraging the young people to come together in such a constructive manner.”

Neil McKee, from the Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group, added:

“This is an invaluable opportunity for these young people and I can’t under estimate the potential it has to move young people away from the cycle of antisocial behaviour. The fact that we are also building relationships between communities leaves me in no doubt that this is a worthwhile programme.

“From an individual perspective it’s always rewarding to see the progress that some kids make through these programmes. People often underestimate the impact, but it really can be quite transforming for some individuals, for others it’s just great fun. For me if it positively transforms one or two people on the course it’s an overwhelming success.”

For more information, simply contact:

Neil McKee
Tel: 028 9062 9146

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