Interface Life is more than Politics

29th November 2012

If we were to mention ‘cross-community’ to you, what does it bring to mind? Often this phrase is associated with politics, religion, culture, identity – issues which SLIG has put a heavy emphasis on over the years and which we still believe are crucial in creating a peaceful society.

However, having listened to residents and groups across the interface, we now believe it is necessary to widen our understanding of cross community work. As part of our aim to seek to address identified needs in the community, we now plan to incorporate a suite of non ‘contentious’ issues into our peace plans that address the fundamental social and economic needs of the people of the area.

Consequently, over the course of the coming months SLIG plans to link up with various community and voluntary organisations to offer adults from Suffolk and Lenadoon courses and training opportunities. Area’s being explored include health and well being; employability, CV-building; keeping children safe from bullying and anti-social involvement, budgeting and debt management, amongst others.

We believe such training offers the potential of forging new relationships across the divide by bringing people together on issues which each community has in common. Details of up-coming programmes will be circulated over the next few months, and if you would like more information please contact Ciaran at SLIG.

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