Jean and Renee on UTV Live

20th January 2012

On 17th January International Fund for Ireland announced a Peace Walls Programme – directed “towards interface communities to help bring about the conditions that would allow for the removal of peace walls and barriers in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland” (see IFI’s website for the full statement:

SLIG welcomes this announcement and is very keen to work with IFI around this issue. SLIG founders Jean Brown and Reneé Crawford contributed to a UTV Live segment on whether interface communities are ready for the walls to come down. They voiced their opinions that whilst this new fund is very welcome, dialogue around bringing down the walls can only be done at a pace the communities are comfortable with, and at a pace in which communities don’t feel threatened or pushed into something they’re not ready for.

You can view the article here (at 10.30 minutes):

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