SLIG Youth Council Take Part in Woodbourne Art Project

27th May 2011

Over the course of April and May, 11 young people from Loyalist Suffolk and 11 young people from Republican Lenadoon, came together to channel their creative energies to enhance the image of the physical environment between the Suffolk shops and Woodbourne police station.

The young people, brought together by SLIG’s Youth Advocacy Worker Ciaran McLaughlin, participated in 18 workshops facilitated by well known local artist Fra Maher.

6 weeks of frantic artistic flurry produced 22 individual pieces of top quality paintings. The magnificent images produced reflected each young person’s taste on things such as music, sports etc.

The young people chose to sprinkle the images, transposed onto the police station wall, with inspirational quotes from key progressive historical figures such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

On Wednesday 25th May this cross community group of young people joined a throng of 100 people, among them government ministers, local politicians, community activists, statutory leaders and most importantly, the family of the late Seamus Fox - to unveil the new images and the restored physical surroundings.

Local man Seamus was murdered a year ago at the site of the new artwork, and his death was the catalyst for this project. From the tragedy of Seamus’s brutal murder sprung new hope and opportunities.

There was a palpable sense of optimism at the launch. The old decrepit site has been transformed and new relationships have been forged across the interface– I’m sure Seamus was happy looking down.

Thank you to the Fox family. RIP Seamus.

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