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SLIG Staff: Seasonal Changes

13th October 2010

The latest addition to SLIG’s staff is Larne lady, Beverley Todd.

Beverley took up the post of Intercultural Officer, formerly held by Darren McKinley who left earlier in the summer after a long stint with the organisation. Beverley was drawn towards working for the community after a time in social work. She has worked in North Belfast and most recently with the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.

Starting on 4 October, Beverley’s autumn arrival marks a raft of changes in the SLIG line-up beginning with Ciaran McLaughlin’s May start-up as a Youth Advocacy Officer. Bernard Conlon arrived shortly afterwards in early June, filling the newly created Communications Officer post.

In August, West Belfast man, Harry Maher, who has a deep knowledge of the community sector gleaned from his time with the Department for Social Development (DSD) assumed the role of Strategic Manager.

Paula Tolan returned to her post as Health and Women's Development Co-ordinator in September after maternity leave, while Sustainability Officer, Jackie Bradley will take time out to have a baby in early November.

More detailed information about the SLIG team will be available when more photographs and profiles are posted on this site shortly, as part of the updating that is currently underway.