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24th February 2010

This series of training sessions and information seminars is aimed at anyone involved in promoting sports and physical activity in the Suffolk Lenadoon area.

Committee Skills Training - Wednesday 10 March 6pm-9pm in SLIG, 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast.

Committee skills training covers learning and development in the following areas: Action Planning, Visioning, Understanding roles and responsibilities of management committees, Agreeing policies and procedures, Constitutional reviews, Reviews of work and planning, Managing Change, Good Governance and Good Practice in all aspects of their work.

Safeguarding Children and Young People - Monday 15 March 6pm-9pm, SLIG, 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast.

This workshop aims to raise awareness of Child Protection issues in sport and introduces participants to the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport. This course is important for all adults involved in children's sport, but it is particularly recommended for Coaches, Leaders, Administrators and Officials.

Gaelic Football Foundation - Saturday 20 March, Venue and Time TBC

The Foundation Level is primarily geared to cater for Coaches from Under-12 downwards, focusing on the Go Games and Ú Can Awards. All Coaches, provided they are over the age of 16, will be obliged to commence by taking the Foundation Level course, which incorporates the GAA Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport. The course is completed over 6 - 8 hours, usually over 2 - 3 nights or 1 weekend and involves practical coaching assignments and the submission of a completed logbook. A modified version of the course is available for Post-Primary students.

Fundraising Training - Monday 22 MarchTBC

Practical tips on where to look for funding and how to go about compiling a funding application.

Hurling Foundation - Saturday 27 March, Venue and Time TBC

Similar to the Gaelic Football Foundation course with the obvious difference being that participants will be focusing on the art of Hurling.

Child Protection Designated Officer Training - Monday 29 March 6pm-9pm, SLIG, 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast.

This workshop is aimed primarily at Children's Officer within sports clubs. The training provides them with further understanding to assist in their role of safeguarding children in sport.

Skills 4 Sport - Wednesday 7 April 6.30pm-9.30pm, Suffolk Community Centre, Carnanmore Park, Belfast.

Skills 4 Sport is a practical workshop that addresses the Fundamental stage of development. The core skills developed within the course include balance, coordination, agility and cognitive.

Junior Club Action Planning - Wednesday 14 April 6pm-9pm, SLIG, 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast.

This workshop focuses on action planning for junior sports clubs. The training highlights a range of pertinent issues such as the planning process, the sports/club development process and the involvement of others to benefit the club's development.

Active Leadership - Saturday 15 May 9am-3pm and Saturday 22 May 9am-3pm Horn Drive Community Centre, Belfast

Aimed at those aged 16 and over who are organising and leading sporting activities. The training is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan and deliver a safe activity session and is usually delivered over 2 days.

Sport Injury First Aid - Saturday 12 June 10am-4pm, SLIG, 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast.

This course will give you all the necessary first aid skills to deal with a wide range of sporting injuries. Injuries in sport are commonplace and initial treatment can make a lot of difference in recovery time. This course provides the skills to deal confidently and correctly with injuries and is essential for those involved in sports at any level.

IFA Grassroots Certificate - Sunday 13 June, 1pm-4pm, Venue TBC

This attendance based Award is aimed at volunteers, parents, and aspiring or existing coaches working in the area of Grassroots Football. The course is 3 hours in duration, with both theoretical and practical content. Participants who complete the course will be presented with the ‘Grassroots Leader's Certificate' and resource booklet. This Award is not part of the ongoing coaching ladder, however it is designed to encourage those involved in Grassroots Football to gain some information and knowledge and, hopefully, the confidence to go on and take the IFA Level 1 Coaching Certificate.

All courses are FREE to anyone over 16. To enrol, contact Neil McKee on 028 9062 9146 or by email

Keep an eye out for Sporting Excellence Seminar provisionally scheduled for August 2010.

For more information, simply contact:

Neil McKee
Tel: 028 9062 9146