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Lenadoon Youth Steering Group

19th February 2008

Lenadoon Community currently has a lively Youth Steering Group, made up of young people aged 13-17 years from Lenadoon. Although it is coordinated by SLIG, the emphasis is very much on personal empowerment for the young people, so all decisions and ideas come from them. They have recently completed a course in Committee Skills, and are about to do Leadership Training through Youth Action. They are currently engaged in a project interacting with the pensioners in the area, which the young people initiated, examining asking how life used to be on the interface compared to how it is now.

There are still many spaces available, and we welcome interest from any young person aged 13-17 years old who has ideas and interest in the area, and would like to contribute to changing it for the better. This is open to all young people - you don't have to already be involved in a youth group in the area. Venue and meeting times are subject to when the young people themselves choose to meet, but generally it takes place once a fortnight.

SLIG is currently seeking to establish a counterpart in Suffolk, and would welcome interest from anyone aged 13-17 years in Suffolk who would like to contribute to the decision-making process in the area, as well as developing valuable social and personal skills.