About Us - Peace Walls Programme 2016

The SLIG Peace Walls Project is a community led project
that has been running since April 2013. The project is
funded by the International Fund for Ireland and
managed by Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group. We aim
to work towards addressing issues at the ten identified
Peace Walls Sites within the Suffolk Community and
bordering communities: Helenswood, Arlington,
Trenchard/ Blacks Road, Ladybrook, Willowvale
Crescent, Suffolk Avenue/Drive/Crescent and Lenadoon.
These issues may be physical, environmental or antisocial/
community issues highlighted to the project
through residents living near each of the sites. The
project is committed to engaging all of the residents
impacted by the peace walls structures to reassure them
that no changes will be made to any site, no matter how
small the change, without community agreement from
those impacted by that site.
The project will be engaging residents over the coming
months in a survey carried out in all the communities
involved. This survey will allow us to identify needs at
each site; the issues impacting residents at each site, and
what generally is being felt by the community at this
present time. This will also allow us to collect data for
the future to ensure we are working towards positive
changes for each community. We will have fully trained
volunteers and staff compiling these surveys and
collecting data door to door. They will be able to answer
questions and give a full overview of the project. At this
stage we would ask everyone living near the sites to
ensure you get your views heard by taking a few minutes
of your day to complete the survey when our
staff/volunteers come to your door. It is important to us to
hear your views and get these recorded in order to
provide a positive service for everyone.
Our funders have given an overview of their involvement and we also
have articles from various Departments about
forthcoming schemes to benefit local communities that
may impact on some of the sites. We are committed to
informing residents of everything that is happening
throughout our project and will aim to do this on a
regular basis. If you would like to see anything included
in future editions, email suzanne@slig.co.uk
with your ideas.